Belize is an independent country on the east coast of Central America, and a Commonwealth realm with Queen Elizabeth II as its monarch and head of state. Its diverse society reflects its rich history and culture. Over half of Belize is multilingual; English is the official language, but Spanish and Belizean Kriol are also spoken. It shares boarders with Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the west, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. It is the only nation that is member of the Caribbean Community (CASRICOM), the community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), and the Central American Integration System (SICA). Belize’s main attractions are its beautiful jungles, water sports in the Caribbean sea, and the Mayan ruins. The country is also known for its September Celebrations and punta music. Below, you’ll find more information on safety and precaution you can take, so you can enjoy your trip.


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Is Belize a Safe or Dangerous Country?

Belize, like most countries, is not the exception for crime. However, violent crime usually happens in certain areas and mostly involve gangs. The Belize Defense Force patrols these areas as well as the forested areas where armed criminal gangs tend to operate. Petty crime, however, is common throughout the country; this includes robbery, mugging and sexual assault. Robberies and assaults have mostly been reported in resort areas; please note that criminals often operate in groups and target solo travelers. We recommend that you do not venture into isolated and/or poorly lit areas. It is best to use taxis after dark. Armed robberies sometimes happen near the border with Guatemala (including Caracol). If you are visiting the Mayan archaeological sites in that area, be very cautious and only do so with a well-known tour guide.

Warnings & Dangers

Mid Priority-96 OVERALL RISK :

Standard safety precautions are recommended in Belize. Exercise common sense and remain vigilant for suspicious behavior as you would in any other country. Watch out for petty crime in tourist areas and protect your valuables.

Mid Priority-96 PICKPOCKETS RISK :

Pickpocketing and purse snatching are common in tourist locations and public transportation.

Mid Priority-96 MUGGING RISK :

Muggings have happened in urban areas. People walking alone are often the targets, especially at night. In case of being robbed, do not resist and hand over your valuables.

Mid Priority-96 SCAMS RISK :

As in any other country, taxi drivers will try to take advantage of travelers by overcharging them. Remain vigilant for thieves that use different strategies to rob you like a tap on the shoulder, spitting or getting something spilled on you. Credit card skimming is also common.

Mid Priority-96 TRANSPORT & TAXIS RISK :

Public buses and taxis are often unsafe due to poor vehicle maintenance. Make sure you book a ride or use radio taxis from places like a hotel when possible as there have been reports of traveler being robbed and assaulted by taxi drivers.


The hurricane season in Belize normally runs from June to November. Belize is not in an active earthquake zone, but, sometimes, you can feel the vibrations from earthquakes in the neighboring countries. Monitor local media and follow the advice of the local authorities.

Mid Priority-96 TERRORISM RISK :

There is no recent history of terrorism in Belize. However, they should not be ruled out, so remain vigilant for suspicious activity.


Many women travel safely without any issues. However, there have been reports of sexual assault throughout the country. Avoid isolated locations and traveling alone after dark. Remain extra vigilant at bus terminals and in taxis.


Useful Information

Most countries may not need a visa to enter Belize. If you need one, you should obtain it before going to Belize, and this can be done through your travel agent or the hotel/resort where you are staying at. Your passport must be valid for at least the next three months after your arrival. is a useful website that can help you know if you need a visa or not based on your nationality and the country you’re visiting.
The local currency is Belize dollars (BZD). US dollars are also accepted as currency. ATMs are widely available in big cities. Credit cards are also accepted in major towns, but be careful of possible scamming and never leave your card out of sight.
The weather in Belize is tropical (very hot). The rainy season runs from May to November, and the dry season runs from February to May. The Hurricane season starts in June and ends in November.
The busiest international airport in Belize is Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport located in Belize City. If you're looking for cheap flight deals, you can find some on JetRadar
As in any country, we advise travelers to get a travel insurance that covers not only medical problems but also theft and loss of personal items. Learn more on our travel insurance page