Is Tegucigalpa a Safe or Dangerous City?

When visiting the capital, Tegucigalpa, is best never walking anywhere after dark in order to avoid being a victim of crime. Thieves tend to be around areas near tourist hotels, especially the Hotel Maya. Petty crime is also high, so keep your valuables close to you and do not walk on side streets alone. Avoid Comayagüela (different from Comayagua), a poorer area across the river, due to its gang activity. There are no tourist activities, here, but some bus lines have terminals here, so be careful and use common sense. The colonal center or downtown can be noisy and crowded, but most of the important museums and churches are found here. The Parque Morazan or Parque Central is also located here. The district is not very safe to explore at night, but again, just use your common sense and be alert at all times. However, you can still enjoy this Tegucigalpa and what it has to offer as long as you take care of your personal belongings at all times and be aware of your surroundings.


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Useful Information

Most nationalities can stay in Honduras for up to 30 days without a visa and a passport valid for six months. www.doyouneedvisa.com is a useful website that can help you know if you need a visa or not based on your nationality and the country you’re visiting.
The currency in Honduras is the Lempira (HNL). We recommend that you use ATMs during daylight hours and in secured areas such as banks or shopping centres. Credit cards are accepted in main cities, but be careful of possible scamming and never leave your card out of sight.
The weather is mostly hot and humid throughout the year, and the temperatures vary by altitude, not by season. The average high temperature is 32°C (90°F) and the average low is 20°C (68°F). There is a lot of rain in the Caribbean coast, especially from September to February. While in Tegucigalpa, the capital, the weather is mostly temperate and the dry season runs from December to May.
Honduras has three major international airports: San Pedro Sula airport (SAP), Tegucigalpa airport (TGU), and Roatan airport (RTB). If you’re looking for cheap flight deals, you can find some on JetRadar
As in any country, we advise travelers to get a travel insurance that covers not only medical problems but also theft and loss of personal items. Learn more on our travel insurance page