Taiwan is an exotic island of approximately 36,000 square kilometers, about the size of the Netherlands. It has a thousand years’ history, goes back to the earliest evidence of humans existing on the planet.  Taiwan is a unique country first of all because of the modern architecture which is mixed with traditional Pagodas. It’s also famed for its all-round adventure landscape, rich heritage, diverse folk traditions and mild climate, magnificent temples (Pagodas), and numerous national museums. All this variety of attractions, attract to Taiwan around 10 million tourists yearly. There are plenty things to do in Taiwan, main among them are to enjoy the panorama from Taipei 101, visit Chinese art measures at the “National Place Museum”, sunbath at “Kending National Park”, taste weird food at a night market, hike in Yangmingshan National Park famous for its hot springs. Taiwan is a safe country for tourists, though you should be anyway prudent all the time. SafeAround has compiled information from multiple sources make sure you have a pleasant and safe trip! Taiwan is the 81st safest country in the world, based on the safest and most dangerous ranking.


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Is Taiwan a Safe or Dangerous Country?

SafeAround advises you to follow normal safety precautions in Taiwan. However, as with any popular destination, there are some dangers to be aware of. The violent crime almost doesn’t exist in Taiwan. Among main crimes in Taiwan, there is common pickpocketing and bag snatching. There are also many scamming schemes. Main criminal part of daily life is concentrated in around barbershops and nightclubs, where prostitution does exist. If you approached a barber shop and you can’t see any barber cutting hair, that means you are in the wrong place.

Taipei Main Station

The area around Taipei Main Station is an area know for a high density of homeless. Violence is rare, but nevertheless, it is very seedy.

Yangmingshan National Park

This area is magnificent and attracts lots of people, both locals and tourists. However, on your way back you can enforce lining up 40 to 50 min on a bus station, where numerous pickpockets used to operate in search of relaxed tourists. Be vigilant and do not leave your belongings unattended.

Kenting National Park

This fantastic place is a magnet for tourists. Especially it’s popular among tourists from mainland China. This is kind of the place, where you shouldn’t go without a reservation of the hotel. As a result, the place has a high density of the pick-pockets. Be prudent during sunbathing on a beach and while getting on the overcrowded buses.

Shilin Night Market

A very chaotic place, where you can get lost in the labyrinth of food and stands that sell everything from food to trinkets. It is the biggest market in Taipei. There is known that some tourists got sick after eating food there. Also, be aware of the counterfeit clothes, widely selling on Shilin Night Market. Is Taiwan safe or dangerous? Find out on the Travel Map

Warnings & Dangers

Mid Priority-96 OVERALL RISK : LOW

Taiwan is a safe country. It is ranked 81st out of 162 on the ranking of the safest and most dangerous countries.


As a frequently visited tourist destination with more than 10 million visits yearly, not surprisingly that pick-pocketing and bag-snatching are common in Taiwan. Excessive vigilance in all public place is recommended.

Mid Priority-96 MUGGING RISK : LOW

Taiwan is a place where an occurrence of kidnappings and muggings are low.

Mid Priority-96 SCAMS RISK : LOW

The most common scam is mixing cheap tea leaves from China with the premium Mountain Tea (高山茶) and pass it off as the high-grade tea. Credit card scams are common, there are known situations when a scam artists call to the victims and claim to be a bank employee or a hotel staff and ask to provide a credit card credentials. ATM fraud is also a risk, be vigilant while using the ATM, reduce the chances of being deceived and try to use those machines, which are inside the bank.


Public transport is very convenient and safe. Public transport hubs are often targeted by pickpockets and bag-snatching. There have been reports of clients being assaulted by the cabbies. It occurs rarely, but the possibility exists, so constant vigilance is recommended. Some of the taxi drivers, do not turn their meters and then when you reach your destination they will charge you a price they will deem fit.


Earthquakes are among the main risks in Taiwan. It can strike at any time and quakes measuring over 6.0 on the Richter scale. Typhoon threat exists, especially between July to November. We advise refraining from visiting the mountains regions during these periods.

Mid Priority-96 TERRORISM RISK : LOW

Mexico has not recently been targeted by terrorist attacks.


Overall, woman travellers risk seems to be lower than in main European countries or USA.


Useful Information

Tourists from most European countries, Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan are given a visa-free entry for stays of up to 90 days. If you’re planning to stay longer than six months, use the following website for further information www.boca.gov.tw.
Taiwan is inexpensive as a country. There are no private money changes in Taiwan. You can both change money at the airport or just at the local bank. Drawing money from the ATM could be a good option.
Subtropical (winter temperature is 18C, 28C in summer) If you want to check the current weather conditions and forecast, you can visit this website for further information: Central Weather Bureau.
As in any country, we advise travellers to get a travel insurance that covers not only medical issues but also theft and loss of personal items. Learn more on our travel insurance page.