Magical and fairy Zagreb with its bohemian charm is a fantastic place for holidaymakers who are already tired of the beautiful Croatian beaches and who want to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the city and country. Recently the flow of tourists even overpassed the number of Zagreb’s inhabitants. Zagreb’s architecture may remind you of Prague, Vienna or Budapest. You can devote a whole day exploring the charming medieval old city, however, among the medieval buildings you might also notice some architectural heritage of the Socialist and Soviet era of Zagreb. You should taste the delicious dishes of local cuisine in one of the authentic places which are scattered all over the capital. Zagreb is considered as a very vibrant city so you can find a variety of authentic bars and clubs that are open all night long. Violent crime is very rare. Most common crimes are theft, pick-pocketing and another financial-motivated offense. In order to make your journey as smooth and relaxed as possible, SafeAround compiled information concerning all possible risks and dangers in Zagreb’s neighborhoods. SafeAround will allow you to see on a map the city’s safest and most dangerous areas, details on scams and other possible risks, as well as some useful travel advice in order not to let anything spoil such a wonderful journey to the main city of Croatia.


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Warnings & Dangers

Mid Priority-96 OVERALL RISK :

Zagreb is overall a safe city with a rating of 79.9, it is ranked 20th out of 113 in our ranking of the safest and most dangerous cities.

Mid Priority-96 PICKPOCKETS RISK :

A large flow of tourists makes pickpocketing and petty theft incredibly popular. Simple precautions will almost eliminate chances of being robbed.

Mid Priority-96 MUGGING RISK :

Zagreb is a safe city regarding mugging and kidnapping risks. However, it is recommended to avoid some unstable areas during night time.

Mid Priority-96 SCAMS RISK :

Overcharging scams are also very common, particularly in the capital, thus avoid any suspicious bars or you might be easily charged a huge bill for your evening.

Keep an eye on your credit card all the time, when paying at restaurants, shops and especially the bars/clubs.

Mid Priority-96 TRANSPORT & TAXIS RISK :

Pickpockets operate in the public transport mainly in Zagreb. Never ask Taxi drivers for recommendation as to which club or bar to visit, as you might be ripped off in the recommended place. The night tram is not advised as it hosts homeless intoxicated people and usually is not reliable.


Croatia is seismically active, but the occurrence of strong earthquakes is rare.

Mid Priority-96 TERRORISM RISK :

The threat of terrorism in Croatia is low.


On the whole, Zagreb is very safe for women travellers. We advise you use common sense and avoid public places where people get intoxicated if you are alone.



Upper Town (Gornji grad) and lower Towns (Donji grad)

These are the cultural and commercial hubs of Zagreb. Most trendy places and the most popular tourist sights are located here. Old Town Gate, St. Mark’s Church, Mimara Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art and even Museum of Broken relationships are there. Generally, all parts of the districts are considered as very safe. However, as these places are very frequently visited by the newcomers to the city, the density of pickpockets is also relatively high. Especially it’s worth being vigilant on the main walking street of Zagreb – Strossmayer šetalište.  Following simple safety precautions will help eliminate any chances of being robbed.  

Medvednica and Medvedgrad

The huge mountain overlooking Zagreb, from where a scenic view of the city opens up. In addition, being there is a chance to visit a preserved fortress (Medvedgrad). It takes around 1.5-2 hours to get to the destination by foot from the city center. The neighborhood is very safe both day and night.


Fantastic flea market on the outskirts of Zagreb. It takes place each Sunday and attracts big crowds. It gives a chance to buy a really original souvenir for a reasonable price. However, because of the crowds, pickpocketing is frequent on the market. Pay attention to your belongings.

Park Ribnjak

During the day it is a very interesting destination to visit, however, it has recently become a nighttime meeting place for subculture youngsters. So, it is best to refrain from visiting this place during the night, as it is not common for such groups to start unprovoked attacks on passersby.

Strip clubs and clubs called “Turbo - folk”

This kind of places is worth to avoid at all costs. As for “Turbo-folks” it is a specific kind of club where violent fights are not a rare occurrence. Thus, it’s better to steer away from these places of entertainment. Strip clubs notoriously known for overhanging their guests to the extreme, and you can’t avoid from payment as their bouncers have no mercy. 

Zagreb bus Terminal

Shady-looking men with evident criminal connection strolling around. We also advise not to trust taxi drivers in this area as they will try to rip you off once they see that you are a foreigner. We recommend you use Uber or any other kind of taxi applications instead.  We advise you avoid visiting this area at night, especially if you are traveling alone. Do not start talking with people who randomly approach you in the street.

Ribnjak and King Tomislav Parks

Ribnjak park has a poor history of regular fights in its borders. The King Tomislaw park is notoriously known for high criminal activity at night and first of all it's unsafe because of intoxicated people strolling around after the bar or club in search of adventure. We recommend you don’t visit both areas during the late hours.

Useful Information

On the whole, Croatia is very safe for women travellers. We advise to use common sense and avoid public drunkenness places if you are alone, as well as other silliness.
The creation Kuna is the official currency of the country. Due to the high exchange rates in the local exchange offices, and high probability of scams. It is highly recommended to simply withdraw money from your credit/debit card from the ATM in order to obtain the best exchange rate possible.
Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to observe the fairy tale country.  During summer period the sunshine prevails.
Main airports in Croatia are in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, and Zadar. If you’re looking for cheap flight deals, you can find some on JetRadar.
As in any country, we advise travelers to get a travel insurance that covers not only medical problems but also theft and loss of personal items. Learn more on our travel insurance page.