Kazan is the most multinational city in Russia, with a long history, which is going back to 1005 AD. There are more than 115 nationalities in Kazan. Numerous sports events took place in this city, such as the 2013 Summer Universiade and the 2015 World Aquatics Championship. It’s one of the host cities for the FIFA Confederation Cup 2017 and the FIFA World Cup 2018. Annually, more than 2 million tourists visit Kazan.


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With a safety rating of nearly 65%, Kazan is a very safe city, because local government and police really take care about the high safety level in the capital of Tatarstan Republic.

SafeAround has gathered information from different trustworthy sources, to make sure you have a safe trip and be aware of all potential danger.

City Center

The so-called “Bermuda Triangle” of Kazan between the streets: Profsoyuznaya, Kremlevskaya, Bauman and Pravobulachnaya, where most of the crimes occur. Here, the largest number of clubs are concentrated, where young people are drawn from all around the city, thus we recommend visitors to avoid these streets at night time. During the day you can walk around calmly, without fear of being robbed. Also, we recommend avoiding visiting the club called “Arena”, because of the high frequency of hassles in this place.


We highly recommend avoiding Zhilploshchadka, part of the Moscow district, because of its shady reputation and high frequency of crimes.

Warnings & Dangers

Mid Priority-96 OVERALL RISK :

Kazan is a safe city. Despite the fact, that Russia occupies 124 out of 162 on the ranking of the safest and most dangerous countries. During daylight all the parts of the city of Kazan are safe, but SafeAround highly recommends to refrain from night walks around the city. If there is still need to go somewhere during night, the best way is to take an official taxi.

Mid Priority-96 PICKPOCKETS RISK :

There is some pickpocket-related risk in Kazan. A few basic precautions will almost eliminate the chances of being pickpocketed.

Mid Priority-96 MUGGING RISK :

Kazan is a safe city regarding mugging and kidnapping risks, although some areas are best to be avoided at night.

Mid Priority-96 SCAMS RISK :

There are nearly no scammers in Kazan. Don’t participate in a street gambling games, because there is a high probability of being deceived.

Mid Priority-96 TRANSPORT & TAXIS RISK :

Transport is generally very safe. SafeAround recommends using official taxi services like Yandex Taxi or Uber. In order to avoid overcharge for the taxi services.


No natural disaster risks.

Mid Priority-96 TERRORISM RISK :

Despite it’s a Muslim capital of Russia, the risks of terrorism almost don’t exist.


Kazan is generally safe for women travelers. SafeAround just recommends not to talk with suspicious men and don’t agree on a free ride, though it’s very common and doesn’t carry any danger.


Useful Information

For entering the Russian Federation, you need a visa. The cost of the visa varies of the trip purpose and starts from 50$. No visa is required for the residents of the following countries: Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kirghiz Republic, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Serbia, The Republic of South Africa, Thailand, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela. There are some possible restrictions, please check out the more precise information concerning visa application process on the following website
We advise echanging currency only at the banks. The most convenient exchange rates can be found here. Don’t exchange money on the streets or in the bank line. While withdrawing money, don’t forget to properly hide your pin while entering your code. When you pay in public places, don’t leave your card out of the sight and demand to execute the payment process in front of your eyes in the restaurants.
Severe weather conditions happen normally during winter time. Some blizzards possible. Before your trip, be sure, that you have warm enough winter clothes.
There are modern, responding to the international quality standards and safety regulations airports.
As in any country, we advise travellers to get a travel insurance that covers not only medical issues but also theft and loss of personal items. Learn more on our travel insurance page.