Moscow is a political, scientific, historical, architectural and business center.  It’s one of the most visited places in Russia. Last year more than 17 million tourists visited this fantastic city. In this huge megalopolis with 10 million inhabitants, the history, and modernity are constantly intersecting.


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Although the police are extremely effective in making Moscow a safe place, tourists may anyway be a target for swindlers, pickpockets, and scammers. SafeAround will allow you to see on a map the city’s safest and most dangerous neighborhoods and areas, details on scams and other possible risks, as well as some useful travel advice.

Red Square

The most visited and iconic place in the heart of Moscow. The square is surrounded by Kremlin, Lenin’s Mausoleum, GUM Department Store, and St. Basil’s Cathedral. During day and night, the area around Red Square is extremely safe. At least as safe as in Washington DC, US. The only problem could be numerous pickpockets who are constantly in search for distracted tourists.


Built in the 15th century it has red brick walls and 18 towers. Spasskaya Tower is the main symbol and the official entrance to the Kremlin. The safest place in Moscow, as the president V. Putin governs just few hundred meters away.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

It was built in the 1550s, by Ivan the Terrible (Groznyi) in honor of conquering the city of Kazan. The wonderful architectural structure which locates on the Red Square.  St. Basil’s Cathedral is a spiritual symbol and sacred place, thus there is not any criminal activity inside or closely around.

GUM Department Store

Exists since Tsar’s times and is supposed to be the most famous department store in Russia. Considered as a safe place, except the pickpockets, sticking around in a search of preys.

Lenin’s Mausoleum

A tomb of a famous Soviet leader. His body has been on a public display since 1924. Pickpockets target people who are staying in the entrance queue.

Old Arbat (Stary Arbat)

Originally it was a place where different traders arrived to sell their oversea goods. Afterward, in the 18th century, the Moscow’s community of artists and intellectuals often strolled along the boulevard enjoying the astonishing mansions. Such famous people like Pushkin, Tolstoy were lived there. It’s famous for its nightlife, numerous restaurants with local food and gift shops. When it’s crowded, worth to pay attention to your belongings as there have been numerous reports of pickpocketing.  While withdrawing money from the ATM machine, highly recommended typing your pin code discreetly. As well as if you paying somewhere by card, try to observe the payment process and don’t lose your bank card from the sight. Usually, scammers, who often work as waiters can steal credentials of your credit card.

Tverskaya Street

One of the main and most famous radial streets in Moscow. It exists as early as from 12th century. The area is intensively attracting pickpockets and scammers. Sometimes thievery is committed by children. Lot’s of unofficial taxis propose their services, which are not always safe. So, more safety is to use well-known taxi services like Yandex TaxiUber or Gett Taxi.

Warnings & Dangers

Mid Priority-96 OVERALL RISK : HIGH

Moscow is an overall safe city with a rating of 49.4, it is ranked 70th out of 162 on the ranking of the safest and most dangerous cities.

Mid Priority-96 PICKPOCKETS RISK : N/A

As a one of the top touristic destination with a huge flow of tourists, Moscow has a high pickpocket risk. Simple precautions will almost eliminate chances of being robbed.

Mid Priority-96 MUGGING RISK : N/A

Abductions took place in the past. Nowadays, the situation improved significantly, but the probability of kidnapping exists. So, more likely is to be kidnapped in a taxi, thus we highly recommend to use the official taxi services like Uber.

Mid Priority-96 SCAMS RISK : N/A

As in any other big city, the risk of a scam is high. Be aware of street gambling games and never allow anybody to help you with the luggage.

Mid Priority-96 TRANSPORT & TAXIS RISK : N/A

Be aware of pickpockets in a public transport. Use only official taxi services through the mobile application, it will be significantly cheaper, as private taxi drivers used to fool tourists billing them 2-3 times high rates.


There are no natural risks in Moscow. Possibly with the exception of severe winters, when the temperature could go below -30°C.

Mid Priority-96 TERRORISM RISK : N/A

Due to recent terrorist attack in the subway in St. Petersburg the probability of the repetitive situation in Moscow is very high.


Despite the calm situation, Safe around recommend avoiding communication with Caucasians as well as refuse any proposals from strangers to give a ride for free.


Useful Information

For entering the Russian Federation, you need a visa. The cost of the visa varies of the trip purpose and starts from 50$. No visa is required for the residents of the following countries: Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kirghiz Republic, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Serbia, The Republic of South Africa, Thailand, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela. There are some possible restrictions, please check out the more precise information concerning visa application process on the following website
We advise echanging currency only at the banks. The most convenient exchange rates can be found here. Don’t exchange money on the streets or in the bank line. While withdrawing money, don’t forget to properly hide your pin while entering your code. When you pay in public places, don’t leave your card out of the sight and demand to execute the payment process in front of your eyes in the restaurants.
Severe weather conditions happen normally during winter time. Some blizzards possible. Before your trip, be sure, that you have warm enough winter clothes.
There are modern, responding to the international quality standards and safety regulations airports.
As in any country, we advise travellers to get a travel insurance that covers not only medical issues but also theft and loss of personal items. Learn more on our travel insurance page.